Another hospital update

It was good news again today, Amber had an x-ray and consultant appointment. Her hips are still in place and doing great. We are aiming for cast change on the 5th July. Fingers crossed. I’m excited, she won’t smell like an old foot. I know, grim, but she really does. I’m also nervous. Worried moving her from ‘the perfect position’ as the Dr says, might not be as good and could totally end up moving her out of place, the whole putting her to sleep again fills me with dread too. I actually can’t believe were already 6 weeks in, although on the other side I can’t remember her not being in the spica cast. I’m realising now how unknown and unaware people seem to be of Hip Dysplasia. It really does need more acknowledgement. It’s a tough journey and I can hands down say if it wasn’t for Ambers determination and sheer get up and go attitude I would have crumbled with this. Children are amazing. 


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