Joined the world of Instagram

Obviously not for the first time, I love instagram. I thought it would help with my blog posts. For the quick short updates šŸ˜Š I’ll link it to the blog page (once I figure out how!). I’ve changed the name too. I really disliked ‘tinyterriortrainer’ it was a quick blog name I made using a generator and wanted a more friendly one. I hope you like the new one! Quite frankly it’s more fitting, my life is definitely a whirlwind of organised chaos as you can probably tell and I’m definitely a ‘mombie’ (Zombie+Mom= Mombie) I know Mom is the American term but ‘Mum’ doesn’t quite work as well & it’s the same thing anyway! 

Also I will try fit in a blog update on Amber, the week of surgery, it was a horrendous week and there’s a lot to write. I just haven’t had time yet. I hope you understand. 

T x


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