Domestic Abuse

Today I ashamed to be part of a world that’s so narrow-minded. Today I read a comment that filled me with anger, sadness and just absolute disbelief. That comment said ‘Anybody thats chosen to stay in a violent relationship deserves everything they get’

Firstly the statement within itself shows how uneducated the poster is. It’s not just violence. They take over your mind. They control it. They tell you you’re no good, nobody will ever want you. They tell you they will hurt you, hurt your children if you leave. That you won’t cope. They knock you down until you feel you are nothing, a nobody that needs them to survive. They seclude you from all your friends and family. They don’t want you having that support. To others they will portray a lovely supportive partner that everybody loves. It’s hard. Every case differs, it’s not all black and white. I myself, got out after the violence started. First time. Not everybody can do that. I still allowed myself to be mentally abused for 4 years. For me, personally, the mental abuse was worse but then I didn’t get the year’s of bruises and injuries that you see some victims do. I was lucky. Isn’t that a messed up statement. Nobody should have to even go through it in the first place. 

Domestic abuse isn’t just violence. You are a victim if you suffer psycological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional abuse. It affects both men and woman. Don’t ever laugh at a man who opens up to you about this. It’s probably took all his pride to tell you. Woman can be abusers too. It works both ways. 

There are 2 million cases roughly each year in the UK. 2 million. That’s only reported cases too I believe. Many suffer quietly. It doesn’t surprise me at all with so many comments like the one I read today. 

24-hour National Domestic Violence
Freephone Helpline

0808 2000 247



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