Crafty distraction

Well today I wanted to do something fun as a family BUT the beautiful British weather ruined that! Rain, rain & more rain. Typical. I’m probably just worrying but I was looking forward to it, partly because I don’t know when we will next get the chance after Amber’s op and partly for a distraction. Although, I kinda feel ready. Nervous, but ready. I’m not worried about Amber. She’s a fighter, she’ll have bad days but I know she will be okay. Anywayyy.. I decided something Crafty. The boys get SO bored in the house and Zane just wants to play the Xbox 24/7. I looked at the trusty Pinterest for ideas. Never fails. We found clay and marble snails. Super Easy.  The boys love snails too! Here’s some photos..

This cost us barely anything and it kept them amused for ages! I cut some bristles off an old bottle brush, used some dried pasta we already had and the modelling clay and marbles were from poundland! 

There’s lots of other designs too… we found a dinosaur version too! Pinterest, thank you my dear boredom saver… 😂


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