Week of stress 

Hello! 👋

So I had the most stressful week ever. Monday we had Amber back at the doctors after they found what they thought was a heart murmur but wondered if it was just because she was poorly. Turns out she does have one. So that needs investigated. Tuesday we were back at the specialist for her hip dysplasia, he gave us a date for her surgery. 8th May. So soon. He then told us she would be cast for 6 months. So long. I’m scared. I’m not going to lie. They want to have her heart checked out first though because obviously she is going to be put to sleep etc.  She’s going to hate the cast, she won’t sit still for ten minutes, how on earth is she going to cope? The surgery is supposed be at our local hospital, so long as her heart isn’t anything serious, then she’s going to have to have it done somewhere more specialist. I really need to learn to drive. On the Wednesday we saw the mythical being that is a ‘health visitor’ yes, I know your thinking ‘wow, really?’. They are pretty rarely seen creatures aren’t they? Well they are here. She knew absolutely nothing about Amber. She’s keeping her eye on her as apparently she’s behind on her speech. I’m not worried yet. 

Anyway, thankfully I’ve moved on from that week. I’m stressing about the upcoming ones but I’m trying my best. More importantly did you all have a good easter?! I’ve possibly gained another 6st. It’s the only day it’s acceptable to eat you’d weight in chocolate though. I mean I do everyday but on easter, it’s normal 😂 I’ll leave you with a cute photo of my bunnies 😍🐰


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