You are my sunshine ๐ŸŒž

Isn’t it amazing how much better you feel when you get up and the sun it shining. It just makes you feel more positive. It’s odd. Good odd though. That’s how it was today. I was fed up of sitting in the house. The kids behaviour just escalates. I get it, it’s boredom. These walls drive me mad too! 

We decided to head out to the woods.  They have a big park, woodland walk and cafe. It’s so good for kids. If you’re in Northamptonshire then check out Fermyn/Brigstock woods. It’s a great day out. 

We sat in the park, it was so hot! Didn’t fancy practically killing myself on a walk about. We had a little picnic & let the kids run free. Well, that’s a bit much. With all the play equipment, slides, climbing frames and swings my two boys decided they were going to collect random gross things off the floor in their empty pringles tubs. WHY?! Children can be so strange. 

This is literally the best photo I got. Zane as per usual throwing his very normal moody face. I actually think he done it one day, the wind changed & now it’s stuck like that. Amber literally hated the sand. Loved the swings though. Could hear her giggling half way down the park. 

Oh and look what I got today… 

It’s hugeeeee! A friend was giving it away. I couldn’t let it go elsewhere so snapped it up. It will literally take up half of Amber’s room BUT every girl loves a dolls house right? I can’t wait to do it all up for her. I’m excited about this project! ๐Ÿ˜


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