Sorry I’ve not been around. I’m still here. They haven’t sent me to a mental home or managed to kill me…yet. Haha. It’s been crazy getting back into the routine after half term. Had parents evening to do tonight & trying to sort out my house. It’s starting to look like one of those hoarders houses. Well in my over anxious, slightly OCD mind it is. I hate this house though with a passion BUT cannot wait to get a skip tomorrow and literally throw half of its contents out. ANYWAY you don’t all want to hear about a skip, can tell I’m an adult can’t you, my life is so rock n roll, getting all excited over decluttering πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I think I’ll be doing a post on Premature babies next, it’s one I’ve thought a lot about. Partly because I don’t know how to write it. It might take a while to upload because I just know I’ll change it a million times before publishing plus I’d like to do some research and add in some facts. The other part is that although it was a tough time for us, my little girl was very healthy for a 10 week early baby and part of me feels like I don’t have the right in a way to go on about it as we were so lucky and there’s babies so much worse off. I should be grateful (which I am) and not sat saying how hard it was. I get comments a lot saying ‘oh you’re very lucky then’ etc I just don’t want negativity from it as it’s not what I set out to do. I’ve decided I’m going to do it anyway! It’s a huge part of my life so it would be strange not to include it.

For now though, I’m going to sleep. My night owl seems to be waking a lot lately and I haven’t had much sleep in…well, I’ve lost count. 

Enjoy your weekend!


School holiday boredomΒ 

It’s started. The constant moaning when they are off. We are only 2 days in. 2! I hate school holidays.  Don’t get me wrong I like spending time with my children, I’m just not entirely sure they enjoy my company πŸ˜‚ today consisted of mainly these phrases ‘I’m bored’, ‘it wasn’t me’, ‘It was him’, ‘I’m bored’, ‘I have nothing to do’, ‘I’m hungry’, ‘I’m bored’…you get the drift. By 12 I was watching my greys triple by the minute. So I decided to try keep them busy. We found this little craft. So simple to make! (I’ll do a little run through at the end). If I’m honest though it was a little fiddly for the kids, only took me a few seconds though and they played with it for ages! We done ours in the sink because my garden resembles a tip but I think they’d be great to play outside in water with. They could even have little races with them. I suppose you could make the bottoms with anything waterproof really but I had the corks anyway, unfortunately not from a wine addiction but from one of my craft crazes. Anyway here’s a basic run down although the photos are pretty self explanatory…

  1. Get 3 corks in a line and tie elastic bands round them to hold in place.
  2. Place a toothpick in the centre for the sail to go onto.
  3. Cut a square of card or paper (have spare because if your children are anything like my children, they’ll wet them and have a meltdown when they go soggy), make two holes in the top and bottom with a toothpick and place on the one on the boat just like in the photo. 
  4. You are ready to go!

    P.s I do not have contaminated green funky water, I added food colouring for a bit of fun! 

    Well that didn’t go to plan…

    Friday night we had a very very rare child free night. Do you now how hard that is with 3 children?! We had it all planned, movie, takeaway and chill…but mostly SLEEP…sleep, what’s that you ask? It’s something people do at nights apparently and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. Or so I’ve heard anyway. I don’t quite remember. So rock n roll aren’t we? Don’t get me wrong I’d have loved to go out but our only option at cinema was fifty Shades of grey and tbh after the first I wasn’t prepared to waste the money on the second. We have a lack of good food places to go too, I hate all that fancy overpriced stuff. Just give me a burger and we’re sorted! The nightlife here sucks too, not sure if that’s because I’m older now though or not. When I was a teen I was pretty happy with any dingy pub i could get into and a cider, which btw makes me gag whenever I smell the stuff now. Ahhh the teen memories! Anyway… all of that failed & I’m glad we never booked anything because I spent the whole freaking weekend throwing up, which I’m absolutely blaming on the KFC we had. What a waste of a weekend (and Β£20). I’m glad we never had the kids in a way because it literally wiped us out. But still, what a waste… I have decided though, from this point I am absolutely done with takeaways and rubbish food! I’m forever moaning about my weight and if I’d eaten something better I’d have not ended up so Ill. So fingers crossed my will power works with me this time and I don’t give in at the slightest whiff of chocolate! 

    Hope you all had a better weekend than I did! 

    Everyone’s gone GaGa

    I didn’t want to do a post this serious right away but with it everywhere at the moment I think it’s something that should be discussed. Body shaming is not ok. It doesn’t matter if it’s a massive celebrity. They are still human. They have feelings like the rest of us. I am going to put this out there though, I admire her for the way she’s handled it, no angry rants, big sob story, just a post about how much she loves her body and we should all love ours too. Short, sweet and to the point. I mean let’s face it, she looks INCREDIBLE! If she’s fat then someone please throw me back into the ocean 🐬 Who are we to judge who’s too big or too skinny?! And believe me, body shaming does work that way too. I have friends that try their hardest to put on weight and they struggle with it everyday but get comments like ‘you should be happy you’re skinny’. We all get outraged if we see someone fat shaming another but please do remember that maybe the super skinny girl doesn’t actually enjoy only being able to fit into kids clothing and would actually LOVE to have your bigger figure. Did you know that girls as young as 10 have suicidal thoughts because of body image? 10! Girls that age shouldn’t be worrying about that. The average size in the UK is a 16. Woman should be empowering one another not beating each other down πŸ’ͺ

    I must absolutely make this clear though there has been a huge rise in men struggling with body image too. It’s not something that just happens to women. With all these mens fitness magazines around lately with these super fit men on and the pressure on them to look good they face just as much of a struggle with their image as we do. I only mainly talk about the womans side because I am one (last time I checked anyway..) And I understand that side more. I don’t want to put incorrect facts out there. So if you are a male and have anything on this subject then please do feel free to add it in the comment part. 

    So can we please stop hating on each other? Whether someone’s nose is too big (mine!), they have small/big boobs, skinny, big or a giant fucking spot coming out their forehead just keep your horrible comments to yourself! Scroll on. If you think someone looks good, tell them, it’s not weird and I can absolutely promise you it’ll make their day. Before I also get the hate, I’m not encouraging obesity either, because that shouldn’t be encouraged, I just don’t think we need to be horrible to one another. 

    As the quote goes ‘if you ain’t got nothing nice to say, then don’t say nothing at all’

    Bunny gate!

    Today we found a beautiful black rabbit in our garden. I didn’t think twice and ran out to save him from the cat that was sat on our fence, not entirely sure I’d have been as quick if it was a human. Animals are way better than humans. He’s so cuddly and tame. I’ve been trying all afternoon to find his owner. What the hell do you do with a lost pet? I’ve actually been debating painting my cat black and making him some bunny ears and doing a trade πŸ˜‚ but apparently people will notice 😒 my cat is a horror..infact, the word horror is tame.  He trashes the place, steals food (seriously the fucker once stole wrapped up home made blueberry muffins and tore them into millions of crumbs all over my house in the night), attacks us regularly, does parkour round my house. I could go on. Whereas this gorgeous bunny just sits hopping about and comes for cuddles. Which one would you choose? Lol. Let’s hope I find his home soon! 

    **UPDATE** He’s in a lovely foster home for now, maybe permanent if his owner doesn’t come for him. Wish we could have kept him. Demon cat kept trying to eat him…

    Hello blogging world…


    I can’t quite believe I’m doing this, I’ve thought about doing this & quite frankly stalked a few bloggers for a while now. It’s scary though isn’t it, putting yourself out there? You don’t know how you’re going to be received. I’ll do the best I can, I can promise you that. For now though, I’m going to blog anonymously…until I put my big girl pants on & become a little braver πŸ˜‚. I’ll probably have some seriously random posts, most definitely kids ones, I love photography, art, craft, music, celebrities, TV but you’ll probably also get some harder & more sensitive posts. I’ve been through some real life tough stuff so I think this would be a good platform to discuss some issues, if my posts help atleast one person then I’d be happy. I hope you all enjoy reading and getting involved!